by Elizabeth Knight –

Poppy glanced round as Mom turned the car into the drive. The houses on either side of theirs frowned down between tall trees. Her family had only moved in two days ago and she didn’t know anyone.

“Open the trunk, Poppy,” her mother called, switching off the ignition.

Poppy lifted the heavy back door to unload the groceries and out rolled a watermelon. Green and white it flashed down the road knocking over the mail man’s bicycle. The fox terrier from the house opposite gave chase, yapping frantically.

“Felix!” shouted its owner and rushed after him. Cats on sunny patios streaked for the trees.

“Mom,” shouted Poppy, slamming the trunk door, “the watermelon’s rolling down the road.”

“Well run after it quickly,” shouted Mom, “but watch out for the cars.”

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