My Hair GREW

by Rolli -

My hair grew too much so my mom took me to see Sheila. I like Sheila because she has a green necklace, and she's careful with my ears. If I look sad she says, “Tell me all about it.” Then I do tell her, and I feel a lot better.

Sheila cut my hair pretty short that day. My mom kept saying, “Shorter, Sheila, shorter.” So she just kept cutting it. I wasn't too sure about this haircut, but I didn't say that.

When we got home I looked in the mirror and cried. I yelled, “MY HAIR IS TOO LITTLE FOR ME!” Because it was.

My mom said it looked cute, and she was sure if I slept on it I'd like it in the morning.

I slept on my hair all night, and when I woke up I looked in the mirror. Nope. I still didn't like it. My hair was definitely too short. I hated it. So I decided to grow my hair. You can if you really try...

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