Monkey Feet

by Sandie Lee -

Izzy was very excited.  "This is a bouncy-bunny-feet day," she said.

She bip-bopped on the right foot. She bip-bopped on the left foot. She bip-bopped on both feet right into the kitchen.

"It’s parade day," she sang.

Mom looked sad. "I’ve been called into work," she said.

"But you promised."

"I know and I'm sorry," mom replied.

"It's not fair," Izzy griped. "This is now a rhino-feet day."

She romp-stomped on the right foot. She romp-stomped on the left foot. She romp-stomped on both feet. Mom frowned and said, "That's enough please."

Izzy just grumbled.

"We’ll do something special tomorrow," Mom tried. "Plus, Granddad will be here soon."

Izzy pouted. ‘This was going to be a special day,’ she thought. ‘But now I have to stay at home. This is really a sad-snake-slither-toes day.’

She slid-slithered on both feet all the way back to her bedroom.

A car door thunked shut. Grandpa was here, which gave Izzy an idea.

‘This is now a kitty-creep day,’ she thought.

Izzy pretended she was a tiny, fuzzy kitten. She kitty-creeped on the right foot. She kitty-creeped on the left foot. She kitty-creeped on both feet to the edge of the kitchen. Mom and Granddad were talking. Izzy listened quietly.

"I wish I could take Izzy to the parade," her mom said. "But we have an emergency at work."

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