Look Mommy, I Can Fly!

by Rolli -

It happened on Sunday. Mom was making lunch. Dad was outside somewhere. My brother and sister were at the playground. And I was BORED TO DEATH.

So I started spinning my pigtails around. Not with my hands, but just by thinking. First the one started moving... and then the other. I spun them faster and faster, until...

My feet lifted right off the ground.

"Look Mommy, I can fly!" I cried.

"That's nice, Dear," she answered, not even looking up.

"No, really!" I said, rising higher and higher.

"Mmm hmm, mmm hmm," was all she said, stirring the macaroni.

"I'm up to the ceiling now!" I screamed. But Mom just ignored me.

So I grabbed hold of the ceiling fan. It spun me around and around and around and around and around and around and around. When I let go, I flew into the living room, down the hall, and out the window.

Dad was busy in the backyard, building something that looked kind of like a doghouse. Which is weird, 'cuz we don't have a dog.

"Look Daddy, I can fly!" I cried.

"Oh yeah," he said, hammering away.

"Seriously!" I said, trying to get his attention.

"Right, right," was all he said, taking another nail out of his mouth.

"It's a miracle!" I shouted, doing a loop-de-loop.

"Ask your mother," was all Dad said, getting out his tape measure.

I gave up...

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