The Spaghetti Solution

by Linda Opp - 

Thursday was spaghetti and meatball night at Amanda's house.

Amanda loved spaghetti. She loved the spicy tomato sauce and chewy meatballs. She loved the long loopy noodles and the extra cheese. She loved the buttery garlic bread.

But there was one enormous problem.

Spaghetti was messy. It was wild and unpredictable. Even when Amanda fought back by using her best manners, spaghetti won.

On the first spaghetti night, Amanda carefully lifted a forkful of spaghetti to her mouth. Unfortunately, a river of slurpy red tomato sauce dribbled off her chin and splashed onto the front of her pink ballerina tee-shirt.

"Whoops," said Amanda.

"Gross," said her older brother, Thomas.

On the second spaghetti night, Amanda got the first forkful of spaghetti and sauce all the way into her mouth. Unfortunately, she had to sneeze suddenly. Noodles and tomato sauce flew out of her mouth and landed on her white skirt.

"Sorry," said Amanda.

"Disgusting," said Thomas.

On the third spaghetti night, Amanda reached for the basket of garlic bread.  Unfortunately, her elbow mashed the meatball already on her plate. The meatball left a mushy red blob on the sleeve of her lavender sweater.

"Oh no," said Amanda.

"Yuck," said Thomas.

Spaghetti was not only messy and wild and unpredictable. It was dangerous...

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