Just an Old Jar of Buttons

by Penny Lane

Katy stared out the front window of Grandma’s house. She could just make out two distant shapes through the haze of the falling snow. “What if there’s a blizzard,” she said. “Chris and Jason might get lost out there.”

Grandma placed an arm around Katy and walked her away from the window. “I’m sorry you can’t go sledding today Katy,” said Grandma. “I’m sure it’s hard sitting around here with a sore throat when Jason and Chris get to go and have fun.” She handed Katy a coloring book and some crayons. “I’m going to go sew in the back room Katy. Why don’t you bring this coloring book back there and keep me company?

Katy watched as Grandma laid out her pattern. “Maybe I can help you with the pins,” she said, reaching for the funny tomato shaped cushion.

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