Jingle All the Way

by Christine Collier -

Christine slouched in the easy chair and gazed out her living room window. She was daydreaming. Dreaming she’d receive a piano on Christmas morning that is!

It was Christmas Eve and snowing like crazy with a blizzard warning for later. She knew her brother Mark was getting a Collie puppy as a gift. She worried that her aunt might get stuck in the snow as she delivered the little dog. She was due to visit any minute.

Christine and her brothers were running around in their new pajamas when she saw the lights of their aunt’s car turn into the driveway. Her mother hurriedly grabbed her coat and went outside. They heard the garage door open and her mother came back in the house quickly. Her hands were filled with candy canes.

“Mom, was that Aunt Mary in the driveway?” Mark yelled.

“Yes honey, she couldn’t stay because the roads are terrible! She wanted us to have these candy canes. Would you like to hang them on the Christmas tree branches?”

Christine knew the puppy must be in the basement at that very moment. Her mom had asked for help in keeping the surprise from her brother.

Later in the evening Mom announced it was time for bed. “You’ll be getting up very early so it’s time to rest now.” The children protested but were soon snuggled in their beds.

Christine’s bedside clock ticked slowly. It was around nine o’clock when she heard muffled voices in their living room. She thought she heard a piano key being struck, laughter and other strange noises. She felt a wonderful tingling of excitement.

She looked out her bedroom window. What was that...

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