Jeremy Jones and the Jungle

by Ros Gemmell -

Five-year-old Jeremy Jones lived with his mum. Jeremy loved to drink a cup of fruity green Jungle Juice before he went to bed at night.

“You should have some milk, Jeremy,” his mum told him each evening. “You'll turn green one day with all that juice.”

Jeremy laughed. He liked the taste of the bright colored juice. After he brushed his teeth and put on his pajamas, Jeremy climbed into bed. His mum read him some of his favorite book, Winnie the Pooh. Jeremy loved all kinds of animals, especially Tigger.

Soon it was time to sleep. “Goodnight dear,” said Mrs Jones. She kissed Jeremy on the cheek and tucked him in.

“Night, Mum,” Jeremy said. He watched as she left the door open a little bit. He didn’t like the dark very much.

Jeremy snuggled down in his warm bed, wriggling his toes. But first, he made sure his furry animal friends were in place all around him. He yawned, feeling sleepy.

It was light when Jeremy woke up suddenly. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He didn't feel very cozy now. He opened one eye and quickly closed it again. He must still be dreaming. But he felt wide-awake. Bravely, he slowly opened both eyes and blinked.

Where did his bedroom go? Where were all his toys? Jeremy sat in his pajamas in the middle of a jungle!

Instead of feeling frightened, Jeremy was curious. How did he get here? Then he noticed his hands and feet. They were green! Jeremy stood up, wondering what to do. But the ground began to shake and he heard a loud trumpeting noise. Something was coming toward him.

First he saw four great big feet, then a gigantic grey body...

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