How Harris and Grace Saved Their House

by Savannah Hendricks -

In the middle of the desert sits a small house made of gingerbread and candies. Harris and his sister Grace live in the sugar-coated house with their father.

Living in a house made of candies is rather fun and rather sticky.

There is something special about having a couch made of licorice. A kitchen table made of lollipops. Walls you can snap candy off of. Soda coming from the sinks, and beds made of cotton candy.

But today was not a normal day in the desert. A rain cloud had appeared on the horizon.

To make matters worse, Harris and Grace’s dad was busy at work. This meant that on their first day of summer break, Harris and Grace were in charge.

They walked outside, looked up, and saw the cloud drifting closer and closer.

“Do you think the rain cloud will reach our house?” Grace asked.

“I’m not sure, but we must be ready if it does,” Harris said.

“Dad would be upset to come home to a crumbly, soggy, heap of candy on the ground,” Grace mentioned.

Thunder rumbled in the distance as the rain cloud drifted closer. Harris and Grace looked at each other, knowing they must act quickly.

“What if we use the taffy swing?” Grace suggested. “We could swing it up in the air and bump the rain cloud out of the way.”

Thunder rumbled again. The rain cloud was heading straight for their house...

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