Fighting Monsters!

by Holly Stacey -

“There’s a monster under my bed.” Robby could see its eyes glowing deep green.

“No there is not. Now go and brush your teeth.” Mum never understood these things.

“It will get me.” It had huge long claws – white like the toothpaste tube. But its teeth were sharp and yellow.

Mum gave Robby that look. Then she reached under the bed and pulled out Dinny the dinosaur. Robby jumped back and Mum rolled her eyes. “Now!” She pointed to the bathroom.

Robby brushed. He didn’t want his teeth to look like Dinny’s. But he did want his deep green eyes. “Grooowwwl!” The foam around Robby’s mouth dribbled.

“Hurry up, it’s bedtime.” Mum always rushed Robby when he was having fun. He followed orders and went to bed. Mum turned out the light but left the door open a little. There was just enough light to see the monster in the closet.


“What is it now?”

“There’s a monster in the closet.” Robby could see its hot breath billowing out from his football kit.

“There is no such thing.” Would Mum never learn? There was always a monster somewhere…stalking him.

Mum flicked on the light and opened the closet door. Robby’s panda bear fell out – his eyes glared at Robby. They were all shiny and black. Like buttons that could watch every move. “It’s Panda.”

Robby nodded. Yes, it was Panda. Monster Panda. Scary Panda. Mum took him away and turned off the light again...

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