Delia and the Other Beanstalk

By Penny Lane

Delia ran. Delia skipped. Delia hopped and jumped and scampered.

Jasper sauntered. Jasper moseyed. Jasper ambled, and meandered, and dilly dallied.

Delia skipped around Jasper, singing “tra, la, la, la, la!”

Jasper paused to look at a leaf.

A leaf!

“Jasper! Hurry,” Delia squealed. “We’ll be late for the party at Jack’s house.”

“Jack’s parties are boring. Always with the story of that confounded beanstalk and the gobs and gobs of gold.”

“Jack shares his golden eggs with me,” Delia retorted.

“You go on ahead then little sister,” Jasper insisted, shooing her away. “I’ve got an investigation to make.”

He took a magnifying glass out of his pocket and was just bending down to have a closer look at an interesting insect, when his sister’s voice came soaring back down the path, piercing the air and meeting his eardrum full blast.

“Jaaaaassspppeerrrr! Come see, come see!!!”

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