Daddys Need Fresh Air Too!

by JB Jones -

Eric stood in front of the TV to get Daddy's attention. "Daddy, you said we could go outside and play football today."

Daddy handed Eric the football, eyes still on the TV, he walked him to the door. "I'll be out as soon as the game is over," he said. "You go on out. A growing boy needs lots of fresh air."

Eric kicked a few leaves around. He threw the football high in the sky. He watched as the squirrel's chased each other in the big oak tree. "It just isn't any fun without Daddy," he thought. "Maybe the game is over now."

He walked over to the window and peeked inside. Daddy was changing the channel with the remote control. Eric didn't know how to get him away from the TV. He kicked a few more leaves. That gave him an idea. He ran inside and said, "Daddy, shouldn't we rake the leaves today?"

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