Daddy’s Little Gorilla

by Rolli -

I'm Daddy's little gorilla. He told me so. That means I'm special. That means of all the little gorillas in the jungle, I'm the only one that's his. Isn't that incredible?

Boopy can climb to the top of the Booboo tree before you can say "alligator pants!" It's pretty cool. Actually, it's amazing. She's a very talented monkey. But she's not Daddy's little gorilla.

Kabunjee can eat twenty bananas without even breathing. It's impressive. It might even be a world record. She's a pretty famous monkey. But she's not Daddy's little gorilla.

Jo-Jo found a pink ribbon in the jungle. She's so proud of it, she wears it every day and makes us call her "lovely ribbon-model." She's a very pretty monkey. She might even be beautiful (even if she's a bit of a brat). But she's not Daddy's little gorilla...

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