two young boys baking in the kitchen

The Adventures of Culinary Kid and Breakfast Boy

Carter and Kyle bounced out of bed and headed down the hall to their parents’ room.

“Good morning!” they chimed.

“Achoo!” said their mom.

“Achoo!” echoed their dad.

“Uh oh. Are you guys sick?” Carter asked quietly.

“I’m afraid we are,” said their dad.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to make pancakes this morning,” said their mom.

“That’s OK. We don’t need pancakes,” said Kyle.

“Yeah. We’ll just have cereal or something,” said Carter.

Carter and Kyle glanced at each other and grinned.

They quietly closed their parents’ door then skidded down the stairs before clamoring into the kitchen.

“Let’s make Mom and Dad breakfast!” said Kyle.

“Let’s make them something that will cure their colds,” Carter said. “We can use our super powers!” He dashed through the kitchen door and ran back in a minute later. Carter placed his hands on his hips and held his head high in the air. A bright red cape covered his shoulders.

“I’m Culinary Kid!” he bellowed in a deep voice.

Kyle giggled. Then he darted through the kitchen door. He came back in a minute later with a glossy gold belt around his waist and green goggles over his eyes.

“I’m Breakfast Boy!” he said proudly.

“We’re going to use our super powers to make the ultimate meal and save Mom and Dad from the evil Dr. Cold. Let’s get started, Breakfast Boy!” Carter said. He flung open the fridge but frowned at the food. “It looks like Dr. Cold already beat us here. We’re out of orange juice, and the grape jelly’s almost gone. We don’t even have eggs!”

“Never fear, Breakfast Boy is here!” Kyle said. “There’s frozen waffles in the freezer. I’ll use the super-secret Toaster 5000 to cook them in a nanosecond!” He tossed the waffles into the shiny metal toaster. SHAZAM!

“Good thinking, Breakfast Boy,” said Carter. “Meanwhile I’ll heat up some hot chocolate and mini marshmallows using my invisible mind powers...”

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