Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat (a collection of crazy, flat-out zany read-aloud bedtime stories)

Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat (a collection of crazy, flat-out zany read-aloud bedtime stories)

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In Rolli's first-ever collection of children's stories, you'll find stories about... A nanny who feeds sweet children - to tigers. The greatest battle in history - between vacuum cleaners. A girl who climbs a tree - forever. Plus 15 other absolutely unbelievable tales.

If you are a fan of fun and zany bedtime stories, this collection is a MUST-HAVE!



"Brilliantly original, clever and quirky, full of laugh-out-loud language, Rolli's stories teem with suspense, science, twists ... and cats!" - Sharon Plumb, author of Draco's Child

Editorial Reviews

From ForeWord Reviews

*Highly Recommended* Loaded with hilarious non sequiturs and elevating creativity as a trait to bolster in children, this collection is populated by weird animal characters and even weirder people. The incitement of laughter dominates, but precious life lessons ... add further utility to this whimsical collection. Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat is destined to resonate with kids who love science and clever storytelling techniques, and who need reassurance that it's okay (preferable even!) to be a little strange.

From Transition Magazine, Summer 2014 "Rolli, the author....has fulfilled his set task of storytelling admirably, with humour and inventiveness. Strongly aware of the absurdities of life, he has artfully led the reader into the absurdly askew. Taking the ordinary and giving it a twist is what is especially appealing to those with a sense of wonder - and there is no better audience for this than children." -Irene Grobowsky, Transition Magazine Review


From Middle Shelf Magazine, July/August 2014 DR. FRANKLIN'S STATICY CAT is a collection of thought-provoking, energetic, whimsical short stories for kids with original illustrations by the multi-talented, multi-faceted, highly-caffeinated author/artist Rolli....Eighteen delightful stories in all, each one certain to charm kids, parents, cats and elephants of all ages!