Child Genius 101 - The Ultimate Guide to Early Childhood Development (Volume 2)

Child Genius 101 - The Ultimate Guide to Early Childhood Development (Volume 2)

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- This is the Second Book in the Child Genius series -

Researchers know which children will succeed or struggle in school (and life) by the age of four, long before any formal education has happened and long before  billions of dollars of government education spending are spent.

The mental synapses and neural pathways in the brains of these children are physically different from their counterparts.

Their brains are literally hard-wired for learning, and there is one reason why.

The secret?

Hint: it's not reading. Not yet.

But this book goes a step further than just telling you about the research (and the secret).

What's Inside?

Most importantly, this book gives you daily lesson plans to help you implement the findings of the research with your infant, day after day.

The book also includes

  • over 100 fun activities supporting the curriculum 
  • hundreds of new vocabulary words
  • dozens of prompts and other helpful tips
  • lists of books and movies other supporting material you can implement in your quest to educate and prepare your child.

Feed Your Baby's Brain

You feed your child food every day for their physical growth and development because your baby cries when she is hungry.

It's time to start feeding your baby's brain every day, as well. You can't hear the pain and cries of mental hunger and malnutrition until years later, but they are real.

Cost Comparison:

There are many companies claiming they can help increase your child's IQ. They can. There are a lot of companies selling fancy and expensive toys designed to help stimulate your child's brain. They work. But the first, most important, and least-expensive thing you can do for your infant is right here.

Start your baby off on the right path today!