Actually... (a collection of imaginative, whimsical, silly and magnificent read-aloud stories)

Actually... (a collection of imaginative, whimsical, silly and magnificent read-aloud stories)

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"A fun read!" "My kids loved it!"


“Greetings reader! I’m Flartus Flubberwonk.

Look for me inside this book, along with a mess-making monster and a giant salamander.

Plus a CatElephant.

Yes, I know you're wondering what that could possibly be. Just read to find out--it's in the story about a circus and a magnificent mustache.

Also there's a massive, menacing machine that spits out word riddles.

And donuts. Giant, dangerous, donuts.

Plus many more marvelous moments too numerous to mention.

Currently, I’m FAR too busy inventing enormously important inventions to give you this introduction. Alright, I’ll do it anyways.

Fourteen short stories

are in here, each one a bodacious blast of captivating creatures and kooky characters. Be they real, magical, strange, whimsical, and/or all of the above.

Ideal for reading aloud

as you walk on the sun, sail a grand pirate ship, help a fallen wishing star, or witness an awesomely mighty thunder wink.

You’ll find many imaginative illustrations inside, as well as several clever design details, and a few extra...uhhhh...extras.

All in all it’s a creatively made, cleanly written, entirely appropriate, utterly enjoyable collection for boys and girls of the ages 6-12.

Oh, and be sure to check out the story list below. There's some wonky ones on there. Including my tale, which is at the end, so they obviously “saved the best for last.”

Now, do leave me alone so I may return to my impossible to-do list.

Thank you, and good day.”

- F. Flubberwonk

The Stories:

  • Actually...
  • Attack of the Wordster
  • The Wonderbeard Pirates Sort out a Kerfuffle in Kerflunker
  • The Thunder Wink
  • Grace and the Troublesome T-Shirt Critter
  • Waiting for Garzo
  • The Clutterberg Circus
  • Following Mr. Bandoofernen
  • A Wish for the Wishing Star
  • The Mysterious Mr. Oon
  • To Paint Your Feelings
  • Teddy’s Too Tall Tower of Things
  • Salvador Salamander’s Sensational Sack of Super Socks
  • Flartus Flubberwonk’s Five Things