Circus in my Backyard

by Gina St. Cyr

“Mom, why can’t I go to the circus?” David sniffled.

“Because you are too sick.  I’m sorry, Sweetie, we are just going to have to find something else to do.”

David pouted and went to lie down on the couch. He looked out the window at his mother’s garden. He thought to himself, It is such a beautiful day, I wish I could do something fun. He watched a spider float on a breeze and started to imagine it flying on a trapeze.

Grabbing a magazine off the table he rolled it up, put it to his lips, and said, “Ladies and gentlemen watch as the swinging spider spins her delicate web.”

Back and forth it leaped and twisted between two flowers.

Then a dragonfly flew by the spider. It soared up and around doing a full circle in the air.

David started to see the circus in his own backyard. He imagined he was the ring leader. He was small enough to stand on a petal and direct what to do. He stretched his arms high and led the bugs and animals.

“Behold, the fearless Daring Dragonfly Daredevil,” David announced.

The dragonfly took to the air turning a double twist, and then a figure eight. He climbed up, and up, and up, spinning all the way.  Then he sailed down, down, down. He pulled out of a nose dive just in time, hovering just above the ground.

“Just when you thought he wouldn’t make it! Nothing can scare him.” David announced.

The crowd of insects went wild!

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