Catch the Wind

by Kai Strand -

If I could catch the wind, I’d soar high and far. I’d swoop low and long. I’d whirl like a tornado and turn loop-the-loops.

If I could catch the wind, I’d climb so high in the air icicles would form on my fingertips and frost would coat my hair. I’d gather cold breezes in a large parachute and drag them to the Sahara Desert. I’d unfurl the chute and release the zephyrs to cool overheated skin and tousle camels’ fur. The people would spread their arms and race around like airplanes.  I’d shift and mold the sand dunes until I created a perfect sand castle large enough for children to climb all over.

If I could catch the wind, I’d scrape the snow from atop the tallest mountains and sprinkle it onto the barren lands of Africa. People would tip their heads back and catch snowflakes on their tongues. I’d pack long dry wells like snow cones so after it melts, villagers could draw buckets full of water. I’d hydrate parched crops until no one in the country was left hungry.

If I could catch the wind, I’d dip into lush forests to fly alongside the fastest rabbit. Together we would zig and zag around tree trunks, leap over ferns, and duck under branches. I’d stir up fallen leaves, releasing the scent of forest decay and pine needles in my wake. I’d ruffle the feathers of roosting owls until they hoot at me to go away.

If I could catch the wind...

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