Books for Birthdays…

It’s fairly safe to assume that throughout 2014, we will ALL be buying many, many birthday gifts.  For family members, friends, friends’ kids, etc etc.  So we’ll be faced with the same question, over and over – what should I buy?

Perhaps this task can be made much easier by committing to one simple idea: this year, everyone gets a book!  You get a book….you get a book….and you get a book!  You all get books!  What a wonderful way to help friends and family build their personal libraries. And perhaps you will be the one to give a certain child or friend that one special book that really thrusts them into the magical world of reading.  You could be a life changer!  Anything’s possible when you consider the power of a great book.

tort and hareTo start you off with some great ideas, here’s an excellent list from Publisher’s Weekly featuring some top picture books from 2013.

In our household, we only have ONE of these books – Jerry Pinkney’s “The Tortoise & The Hare”. (It’s fantastic, by the way, with spectacular art.)  But that just means we have plenty of options to pick from for birthday gifts this year….and perhaps for a few gifts for ourselves!

Happy Reading!



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