Beware of the Dragon!

by Teresa DiNicola -

One hot jungle morning, Monkey hopped out of her hut in search of breakfast. Soon after, Elephant thundered by, shaking the earth. He knew Monkey was out gathering bananas. So when a mango rolled out of Monkey’s hut, he trumpeted.

“Who is inside the house of Monkey?” he asked.

A voice echoed loudly off the walls. “I…I…am the dragon from the king’s castle. So...So you better keep out!”

Just then, Monkey returned home with an arm full of bananas. “What’s all of this noise?” she screeched, swinging her tail.

“The dragon from the king’s castle has taken over your house,” snorted Elephant. “Everyone knows that royal dragons breathe fire. I’m going to head for the hills before I’m burnt toast!” He pounded a fly off one foot and stomped out of sight.

Monkey trembled when she imagined the ferocious dragon. “A royal dragon has taken over my house!” She yelled to Hippopotamus. “Will you please help get him out?”

“WHOA!” Hippopotamus grunted, squatting low in the tall grass. He called, “Who is inside the house of Monkey?”

A loud voice hissed, “I am the dragon from the king’s castle. So you better keep out!”

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