By Kevin J. Doyle -

One day I jumped high into the sky and landed right on the sun! I started walking around up there and it was pretty hot but that didn’t bother me a bit. I was wearing my favorite flip flops and bright blue swim trunks. I scooped up fireballs and tossed them at the stars! I stretched out on my back and felt the sun’s heat crawl all up and down my spine. I scooped out little holes in the sun and used my finger to draw pictures right on its surface. I held the flames of the sun in my hands and felt them slip through my fingers. I could see the whole universe from up there! I shouted “HELLO!” to the other planets but no one yelled back. I didn’t stay too long though because I forgot to bring extra sunscreen.

Actually… I was in my sandbox… but it REALLY was hot as fire!

When I’d floated back down from the sun, I landed right by a huge wolf! It was chewing on a bone and I just walked right up and grabbed that bone! Then the wolf and I started a tussle. We rolled and rolled in the grass and got up and chased each other and then tumbled around some more. I tossed his bone all the way across the world but he ran it down and brought it right back to me. I threw that bone over and over again – from here to China and all the way to the North Pole! I heaved it to the feet of the Statue of Liberty, over the Golden Gate Bridge and even to the bottom of the Grand Canyon! That wolf brought his bone back to me every single time.

Actually… I was just playing with my dog… but he CAN run to China and back! Actually… he can just run to our fence and back.

After that wolf fell asleep for a nap, I saw a stagecoach, being pulled by two horses, rumble by the front of our house! There were bad cowboys on it and they were getting away with a bank robbery! I could see bags and bags of gold in the back of the coach. I jumped off my porch right onto that stagecoach and pushed those robbers into the river. They just floated along there hanging on to a branch until the sheriff came and got them. They couldn’t swim. Meanwhile, I drove those horses and that stagecoach back to town to return the money and everybody cheered!

Actually… I was just riding down the driveway in my little red wagon… but I DID have bags of gold! Actually…

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