Activity – Overcoming Fears with Your Children

In today’s story, Grandma Gertie’s own awesome adventures inspire her granddaughter to overcome some of her own fears.

Here’s an activity that will help your children overcome some of theirs!

1.  Make a list with your child of all the things you are each afraid of.

Are you afraid of bugs?

What about heights?

Worms?  Spiders?  Snakes?

Explain to your child that it is natural to experience fear.  Being afraid of things oftentimes helps us stay safe.

If you weren’t afraid of scorpions, bees, spiders and snakes, for example, we’d probably get stung and bitten a lot more!

Some fears, though, can be overcome.  In overcoming them, or at least learning how to deal with them, your confidence and self-worth grow.  Especially when done in a safe environment, with a parent.

2.  Talk it over. 

Ask your child if there are any fears on their list that they would like to overcome.  Talk about ways that you can overcome those fears and make plans to do it together.

3.  Do it! 

Worms is a great example of a safe fear to overcome.  Go out in the yard together and see what you can dig up.  Get dirty and have fun!

Afraid of heights or falling?  Do a “trust-fall”, where a big brother or dad catches the child as they close their eyes, fold their arms and fall straight backwards.

Remember, don’t push your child to do something they’re not comfortable with.  Keep it safe and fun.  And don’t forget to overcome some fears yourself!  Leading by example is always the most powerful way to teach.

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