Miss Rosencrantz had a Frog in Her Pants

by Kathy Sattem Rygg -

Max was so excited he was finally in kindergarten. He couldn’t wait to play with his friends at recess, eat lunch at school, and meet his new teacher.

“Good morning, class. My name is Miss Rosencrantz,” his teacher said.

Max scratched his head. That was a really long name. How was he going to remember it?

A little while later, Max had a question during class. He raised his hand.

“Yes, Max?” his teacher said.

“Miss Teacher, would you help me with this word?” he asked.

His teacher smiled sweetly. “Max, please don’t call me ‘Miss Teacher.’ I would like you to use my real name."

Max’s stomach flip-flopped. He couldn’t remember her name! Was it Miss Rose plant?  Miss Rain dance? Miss Frozen ants?

“I, uh, I forgot your name.” Max stared at his Spider-Man light-up shoes.

“I understand, Max. My name is Miss Rosencrantz. I’m sure you’ll remember it next time.”

The following day Max had another question for his teacher. He was about to raise his hand when he realized he had forgotten her name—again! He didn’t want her to know, so he didn’t ask his question. He wasn’t able to finish his counting sheet, either.

Max decided to ask his friends at recess. “What’s our teacher’s name?” he said. “I keep forgetting it.” Max and his friends stood at the top of the tornado slide.

Sam shrugged. “Beats me.”

“I just call her Miss R,” said Gabe.

Max’s shoulders drooped. Now what was he going to do?

After school Max went to Sam’s house to play. Later, as he walked home he saw his teacher in front of a pale yellow house. She was picking flowers in a rainbow of colors—pink, red, orange and lavender. Max stopped and waved to her.

“Hello, Max! Would you like to help me?”

Max nodded and jogged over. “You have so many flowers in your garden!” He knelt down beside his teacher next to a leafy green bush full of hot pink roses. Max inhaled the sweet scent surrounding him.

Suddenly, Max saw something leap out of the rose bush and run by him in a blur.

“What was that?” Max sprang to his feet. He saw the tiny creature jump onto his teacher’s lap. Then it hopped down her pants!

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