2014 Promises to Be a BIG Year for Knowonder!

sparkling_2014_lightsCheers to a fabulous 2014!  Lots of cool knowonder stuff in the works for the new year…

Most importantly, we are working on getting into schools where we hope our knowonder products will become useful resources for education and entertainment in classrooms.  We want to be there to help a love for reading flourish in the hearts and minds of students everywhere.  We want to give schools access to our top-quality, reliable, free reading materials so teachers can use them as often as they want – even every day of the school year if they choose!  To accomplish this, knowonder will be partnering with educational foundations and school districts to provide free subscriptions to our growing online database of stories and articles.  We simply want to get kids excited about reading….which means our literacy rates will go up….which means our youth will be far more successful in life!

This new venture means we have some great content on tap for 2014!  Our website will be growing with new short stories, fresh “fun facts” articles and informative, interesting articles on our blog.  And we are always receiving submissions of fun chapter books so we’ll be searching for the best of the best to publish so you too can enjoy the work of some great writers.  PLUS – we have a new publishing option which provides a path for children’s authors to release their very own short story collections through knowonder!  Knowonder’s first published books were short story collections and we love every one of them.  ESPECIALLY our latest and greatest title – “Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat, and Other Unbelievable Tales” by long-time contributor Rolli.  We think story collections are unbeatable because they offer to parents and kids lots of variety and they are fun to read over and over again.  That’s why we want to publish more of them in 2014. Could a collection of YOUR short stories make it on our list?!  Check out our submission guidelines for details and be sure to tell your writer friends!

Lastly, in 2014, we hope that you all – our fans and readers – will be even more socially involved with us and help us get the good knowonder word out to as many people as possible.  We’d love for you to take a few quick minutes to review our books on Amazon and/or Goodreads so more people can find them and enjoy them.  Reviews take so little time but they mean SO MUCH to us.  And please, re-post your favorite knowonder stories, re-share our Facebook messages, and re-tweet our tweets!  Also, if you’re in the kitchen….re-heat our macaroni-and-cheese for us!  We are nothing without your support and we thank you a million times for sticking with knowonder!

From our team to you all – we hope you had a jolly holiday season and we wish you a ridiculously HAPPY NEW YEAR!

All the best-

Phillip, Kathy, Kevin and the whole knowonder crew

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